All roads to success are paved with EFFICIENCY

“The cause of failure is doing too many things in an inefficient manner, and not doing enough things in an efficient manner.”

~ Wallace D. Wattles

Mission Statement

Pen Struck’s mission is to be the world’s leader for personal and professional evolution by equipping our customers with the economic and financial tools needed to minimize waste and maximize efficiency.


Bobby T. Jackson Jr. serves as a personnel and resource manager for the United States Marine Corps. Jackson is currently studying finance and economics at Grand Canyon University. He was born in Jacksonville, Florida.

After 10 years of military service, he decided to transition his skills and experience to the private sector. Jackson desires to help communities, families, and business owners achieve optimal performance by maximizing the use of their most valuable resources: Time, Money, and Units of Effort.

Pen Struck Innovations: All roads to success are paved with EFFICIENCY

The right to success is not a privilege; it is not reserved for the wealthy but is the right of all men and women. Any attempt to hinder the growth or success of an individual is a crime of the highest offense. However, success is not an entitlement, it must be achieved through organized effort. As a freedom fighter and proponent of growth, every essay published; song written, and video recording is designed to liberate the mind and excite the imagination.

In a world of limited resources, the efficient use of time, money, and energy may greatly determine success or failure. Fortune 500 companies understand this principle and pay top dollar for economists, financial advisors, and managers. Our organization is designed to help you run your life as efficiently as CEOs run companies. By simplifying complex concepts and designing scalable models, Pen Struck Innovations, provides the tools needed to accelerate growth. Evolution is the result of highly organized resources working together to achieve increased performance. 

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